Machine Learning

November 30th, 2016

Machine learning is an ability for artificial intelligence to learn, without the need for additional programming. It is a method to analyse data and uses algorithm to learn from provided data, making it able to learn and independently adapt to changes and addition of new data. This kind of technology has many uses and can be integrated into many aspects of a person’s daily life.

Machine learning, from my point of view, though is the way to go to improve today’s tech, it is not yet understood and implemented commercially. Neither that it is commonly known by the public, people do not know what machine learning is or what it can achieve. Even so, many companies are researching this subject and are producing and inventing many ways this technology can be of use. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so forth, have used machine learning in some of their current products. Such as google assistant’s Google Home and Amazon’s artificial intelligence, Alexa, and also such as algorithms used by Facebook to help it’s feed.

My own idea to make something using Machine Learning is to make a Smart Traffic. An environment with Smart Cars. An environment with no need of human driving or traffic jams. Where every movement of a vehicle is controlled by an algorithm and data from sensors around the vehicle. The road will look like blood flowing in our veins, with precise movement, even at max speed, everyone will get to their destination, without traffic, without slowing down, traveling at max speed.

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